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Mahnaz Shabbir is recognized as an agent of change who embraces

crowds and individuals with her professionalism and wonderful

personality. She is practical and inspirational. She asks the tough

questions that allow anybody to identify and remove barriers in

order to fulfill our destiny of a transformed community.

-Juan M. Rangel, Jr.

Executive Director for The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ)


You continue to lead in the area of understanding and relationships.

You are in my modern list of profiles of courage.

- Jim Stacy, President: MC Lioness Realty Group, LLC



Mahnaz is an extraordinary visionary who has already made key contributions in building interfaith community. With her business skills, personal charm, and spiritual commitment, she makes hope for a better future palpable, and enables others to join in the process of mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation.

The Reverend Vern Barnet, DMn Convener, The Kansas City Interfaith

Council and Kansas City Star Faith Columnist


You continue to amaze me. Your outreach and active leadership in promoting interfaith understanding is truly remarkable.

Ben Craig, Board Chair

Metcalf Bank

Mahnaz was an excellent resource as we developed our workplace event on the Islamic Religion and Ramadan. As our featured speaker, she did a superb job in presenting information about the Muslim people, Islam and the celebration of Eid in a clear, unassuming, professional manner. Based on all the comments, it was an overwhelming success. This would not have been possible without her involvement.

 Sue Kreamer, Project Leader, Hallmark Mass Sales Team

Hallmark Cards

 Your training was excellent.  It not only provided much needed information to help us address the various needs of our clients but it also challenged staff to consider personal filters.  I’m very grateful!

Karen K. Streeter, Executive Director 

I just received the comments from the evaluation forms that people turned in at the Diversity Grand Rounds. Every single comment was “excellent” or “very interesting” or “great!”  This is the highest-rated Diversity Grand Rounds we’ve ever presented!  Thanks again for the tremendous job that you did – you know doctors well enough to know that they don’t dish out praise like this unless they really mean it.

Barbara Mueth, Vice President

Children’s Mercy Hospitals


As a Board of Trustee member,and on behalf of the planning team, I want to thank Mahnaz for sharing her story about what it felt like to be a Muslim woman after 9-11.  It takes courage to share personal feelings and perceptions with others who may not understand the depth of what happened.  It is in sharing  personal stories that people will begin to think about things that they may not have considered before, and the result can be life-changing for those who are willing to step out of the box and walk for a moment in someone else's shoes.  Mahnaz is a remarkable woman. 


Karen Hernandez, Board of Trustees

Kansas City Kansas Community College


I have engaged Mrs. Mahnaz Shabbir on more than a dozen occasions since 2003 in my elective course-Middle East Strategic Studies-at the US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas .  Mrs. Shabbir has been an effective and articulate spokesperson in a variety of related subjects. As a result of her engagement with my students-middle grade KSUS military officers from all Services, and officers from more than a dozen countries-she has consistently provided a positive image countering a multitude of widespread stereotypes and myths. Students will carry their impressions of her presentation and example long after they've forgotten everything they read.


 John N. Cary

Department of Joint and Multinational Operations

US Army Command and General Staff College

Fort Leavenworth, KS


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